In 2013 Educators Without Borders (EWB) from South Korea led by its founder Professor Ki Seok Korbil started a partnership programme with the The Village Trust (TVT), to combat poverty through promotion and support of education in rural villages of Meru County. The programme headed by the Founder and TVT's Economic Advisor, Dr. Sarah Kilemi has built schools and distributed school text books in the entire Meru County. This partnership, between TVT and EWB, has led to the establishment of a community library at the TVT resource centre in Laviathuriu which caters to the reading needs of children from families that can't afford to buy text books for their children. The library is well stocked with books for pupils from class 2 to class 8. It also stocks secondary school books and also for youths pursuing post secondary studies.

On February 15, 2020 the TVT family was honored to receive a visit from three officials of EWB (Prof Ki Seok Korbil, Prof. Sunyun Ko and Dr Seong Ha Jeon); and educationalist Hon. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria. They all encouraged the young learners to make good use of the library in order to perform well in their studies. Prof. Korbil further promised the students that EWB will continue to support education in the community through TVT. Dr. Sarah Kilemi noted that the library caters for students from six sorrounding schools and as such the need to expand the library to accommodate the increasing number of students. She further informed the visitors that due to lack of adequate capacity, students study in TVT''s training rooms and corridors. The visiting team was impressed by the enthusiasm of the pupils to study and called upon all people of good will to support good community initiatives that would change lives.

The motto of TVT is " Brighter Future is in Our Hands " which is true if we all became mindful of one another's welfare