The Management

Ms. Doreen Kendi Gitonga

Ms. Doreen Kendi Gitonga is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TVT. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree specializing in Finance. She is in charge of strategic leadership and overall operations of TVT. She has a wealthy of experience in finance and administration gained from both private and public sectors. Ms. Gitonga is very passionate about empowering women and youths and is she goes out her way to make a positive change in the lives of the people she serves. Ms. Gitonga is particularly determined to combat the adverse effects of climate change by engaging local communities and promoting a culture of planting trees. She is the face of all TVT for all who visit and/or use facilities of TVT Resource Centre.

Mr. Kelvin Kimani

Mr. Kelvin Kimani is a holder of diploma in Information Technology. He has a passion for smart farming leverage on technology and he is the TVT farm Extension Manager. He has introduced the concept of agribusiness leveraging technology to interest youth to venture into farming.

Our Projects

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