Community Resource Centre

TVT approaches the fight against poverty from a holistic point of view. Economic empowerment alone will not address the issue of poverty if other social, political and general life concerns are not addressed. TVT, therefore, considers training and an all inclusive capacity building approach for women and youth as some of the key factors in achieving sustainable development at the rural level. TVT aims at ensuring continuous empowering of economic groups, through increased literacy, nurturing micro-business development and investment options. It also aims at promoting social and behavioral change towards women and children through training and awareness raising programmes. Plans are therefore underway to construct a fully equipped Community Resource  Development center for the community by the end of 2012. Support for this project could be sent through the donation link of in this website.

In addition to using the Centre to train her beneficiaries, TVT intends to target the entire community and empower both men and women with business development skills, basic book keeping skills, health and HIV awareness and available options of business diversification for the rural villages. TVT also intend to offer expert training and technical assistance to other development partners working in the field of poverty reduction.

Construction of the Women Resource Center

Available Services at the Centre

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