Medium-Term Objectives

Introductory Paragraph for Medium Term Objectives of The Village Trust, something to introduce the list below, and that will allow for a good usable paragraph to make sense when I place a ‘read more’ link in the blog view of the categories

  1. To commit to furthering and advancement of the members’ social and economic well being,  including, but not limited, to provision of  grants of money, provision of piped water, education, agricultural extension services or procurement of the same, establishing empowerment training centers  to educate and equip  group members and their leaders with both entrepreneurial and good governance skills, holding economic educational meetings, provision of  insurance scheme, provision of housing, establishing income generating projects, promoting the welfare of orphans, physically challenged individuals, widows, street-children and others disadvantaged persons.
  2. Establishment and maintenance of  care and outreach centers, such  as medical facilities, clinics and dispensaries at the community level for the provision of health care education, training and counseling and of health care and medical treatment for residents in the community, with particular emphasis on the treatment and care of women and children.
  3. Use of modern technology and traditional methods to effectively address the  problems of poverty, food security, land related cases, border disputes, conflict resolution and management, high population pressure, environmental conservation, poor housing and  high school drop-out rates for girl-child, awareness of individual and collective human rights, and elimination of outdated cultural practices, such wife inheritance, female genital mutilation etc
  4. Engage  partners, donors and local communities, hospitals, medical services providers, insurance companies, local and international development agencies, governmental agencies and departments and such other persons (whether corporate or individual) who may be interested in facilitating the  mandate of TVT by addressing  problems  facing communities through charity.

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