Dr. Sarah Kilemi

Dr. Kilemi is a development Economist with extensive experience in international economics and finance. She has worked with various International Organizations for over 20 years which has enabled her to travel and live in over 35 countries. Though currently operating from Arusha, Tanzania, Dr. Kilemi is well connected with her rural Kenya where she has been very instrumental in the implementation of development activities for over a decade. Dr. Kilemi uses her free time to provide free technical advice to women and youth groups on various economic and development issues. She is determined to combat poverty from the grass root level and by volunteering her services to the Village Trust, she gets the joy and satisfaction of being able to use her talents, skills and expertise for the benefit of the needy, especially women, youth and children. [email protected]

Yomi Abiola

Yomi Abiola holds a Masters of Science from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. Abiola was the executive producer of *Hope Rises*, a documentary about the socio-political situation of Nigeria. The London born Nigerian currently lives in Paris, and is an avid globetrotter. In her spare time she loves to tango, cook, and eat. [email protected]

Susan Nkinyangi

Since 1980, Susan Nkinyangi has worked in the field of education for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with more than 20 years in senior positions. She has served as Senior Education Advisor in South Africa, Eritrea, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and the Africa Regional Office in Senegal. [email protected]

Zully A. Rosado

Zully A. Rosado was a founding member of WomEnpower Corp., a non-profit corporation and Vice-President of Upper Monroe Street Improvement Corporation, a non-profit Community Housing Develpment Organization in the state of New Jersey. She is also a licensed New York and New Jersey Real Estate Attorney. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge and a Juris Doctorate from New York Law School.

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