Hydroponic Farming

Young people make up the largest number of people who are unemployed and yet they are not keen on exploring new farming methods that would earn them a living. Reason being, partly, that some people tend to associate farming with those who have either not gone to school or those who have failed to proceed with education. TVT has therefore been leveraging technology when coming up with new farming methods with the aim of making farming easy, friendly, fun and attractive to both youths and women.

Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants without soil. The technique uses a water-based nutrient solution, which provides nutrients, hydration, and oxygen to plant’s life. Using this approach TVT has planted Strawberry, Lettuce, Swiss chard, Spinach, Herbs, Kale, Parsley, Peas, Peppers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Eggplant and Melons.  The farming approach uses minimal space and uses close to 95% less water than traditional agriculture, and ingenious farming methods.

 In this farming technique nutrient filled water replaces soil and delivers nutrients directly to the plants, which enables rapid growth, favorable yields, and superior quality. When a plant is grown in soil, its roots are perpetually searching for the necessary nutrition to support it.  Where the soil is poor due to over utilization of the nutrients then the plants do not yield much.  On the other hand, when a plant’s root system is exposed directly to water and nutrition, the plant does not have to exert any energy in sustaining itself. Instead, more energy is directed towards the plant’s maturation. As a result, leaf growth flourishes as does the blooming of fruits and flowers.   

Natural calamities such as floods, drought, pest problems etc will not be a concern for hydroponic farming. This smart farming method is not only a source income for the farmer but it is of huge nutritional value to the family and  whole community. It should also be noted that hydroponic plants are easy to attend to even by those with limited mobility or physical ailments because they placed on counters, benches, or tables at reasonable heights for

The hydroponic farming is a joint project between and Miramar international College. The project has successfully trained over 700 youth on how to undertake farming as a business through hydroponic farming technology.  The training whose duration is 3 months, is absolutely free with students being paid travel and meals allowance for the duration of the training.  Another team of a similar number is awaiting admission as soon as funds area available.

The biggest challenge is lack of finances to enable the graduates of hydroponic farming programme to put the skills they have learnt into practice. TVT is appealing to partners and especially financial institutions to support the trained youth to acquire the greenhouses and put-up other facilities required to start farming.

Photos of the plants grown both vertically and horizontally using hydroponic farming method are available in the photo gallery.

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