Immediate Objectives

Introductory Paragraph for Immediate Objectives of The Village Trust, something to introduce the list below, and that will allow for a good usable paragraph to make sense when I place a ‘read more’ link in the blog view of the categories

  1. Empowering women and youth with the skills and resources that enable them to attain financial independence by providing micro-credit loans, management, mentoring, guidance and support in accessing local, regional and international markets
  2. Empowering economic groups, through increased literacy, nurturing micro-business development and investment options and promoting social and behavioural change towards women and  children.
  3. Enabling establishment of social responsibility schemes aimed at contributing to environmental protection, increased human rights and political awareness.
  4. Upscaling current number of beneficiaries from 10,000 to  20,000 by end of June 2010, through continued training and group mentoring process.
  5. Establish community managed revolving loan fund within women and youth groups to enable them to meet basic needs of orphans and HIV/AIDS-affected children through increased income generating activities that rely on local raw resources, traditional knowledge and modern technology.  Also increase chances of girls’ education by providing families with financial stability to support their  girl child education in addition to that of boys
  6. Increased awareness on the  causes of HIV/AIDS and preventing and coping methods through social mobilization and awareness raising programme.
  7. Support post harvest management  of  farm produce through  construction of food storage facilities, training on quality controls, value additions and general cleaning.
  8. Popularization of crops that would improve farmers outputs given the climatic and conditions of the  current focal areas in Tigania in order to reduce dependency on traditional staples.

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