Greening our villages and schools

The tree planting exercise was very successful and exiting to the pupils, teachers, parents and the TVT staff who participated in the exercise. The Ginco girls were to plant two trees each at school, each two trees at home and two at the TVT training center. However the TVT officers did not participate in all the events as planned due to the heavy rains experienced that day. We planted 3 varieties of trees,Gravellia, Siamea and Agro-forest trees which we were advised would do better in our place since it is semi-Arid.


Pupils from Limoro primary school planting a tree as their head teacher guides them.


The TVT outreach coordinator helping the girls in preparing the ground for tree planting.


Each girl planted her trees with help from the teachers and tvt officers.


The boys were not left out too.They seemed to be exited and they helped their sisters in the exercise.


The head teacher Laciathuriu Primary School helping his pupils in the tree planting. He planted trees too that he promised to take care of as long as he remains in the school.


Girls busy planting a tree.


A girl preparing to plant a tree with help from the brothers.

We sincerely thank Ginco for the support to plant trees especially at this time when Kenya is facing serous deforestation problems. We promise to take care of the trees and continue to encourage the girls to repeat the exercise every year.

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