TVT marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

As the word marks on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, we at the TVT truly believe that poverty is not a solely economic issue. No! NO! Poverty is a multidimensional concept that comprises of issues that lead to lack of basic needs and capabilities that enable one to live a dignified life. In addition to financial empowerment, which we are pursuing through women and youth groups, the poor are also entitled to right to equal protection before law, right to liberty and right dignified life. The poor should have right to privacy and protection for their homes and families; they should have right to water and sanitation , rights to work and rights at work; right to education; and to take part in political and social movements . States have equal duty to the its citizen whether rich or poor but also the non-state actors including business enterprises have a role to play to empower and protect the poor against any form of human rights abuse. How the poor are perceived by both state and the non- state actors is critical to how we, as a world, go about the business of combatting poverty. Fight against poverty is a fight for all because when your neighbor is poor you will not sleep peacefully for fear of the actions of the poor.

At TVT, we have introduced a number of interventions that have transformed lives of the poor. The reusable sanitary pads initiative has not only contributed to retention of girls in school but has provided a source of income to the women groups. The last mile initiative for the poor girls and young women in their last year of primary has resulted to having more gills from poor family’s complete primary education and join secondary school. This year our oldest student in primary school a 50 year old mama is doing her primary school exam (KCPE) We wish her the best in her studies. The tailoring and cooking initiatives have given hope to those who thought without education they are nothing. TVT book reading club and mentorship initiatives have not only build confidence among the students from humble backgrounds but they have contributed to enhanced self-esteem and rekindled their dreams of a bright future. This is what combating poverty is all about. You too can make a huge difference in the fight against poverty but supporting a family to start a business or supporting a child to complete school, or drilling a community bore hole to provide safe and clean water drinking water. Let us see the poor not at the problem in our midst but rather see them as humans with potential and all they need is an opportunity to rediscover their purpose in life.

The fight against poverty starts with you and me and together we will go far. To see more of TVT poverty initiatives visit

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