TVT Education Mentorship Day A Huge Success

April 23, 2016 will remain a day to remember for the many standard 8 students under the sponsorship of both TVT and Ginco who had the opportunity to listen to the inspiring and motivational personal experiences of those who have benefited from the support of TVT. The mentors were drawn from both the young and the old from the community who understand the challenges that students go through. In addition to the standard 8 students, there were secondary, college and university students in attendance who contributed to the success of the mentorship programme. Students were open in discussing matters touching sexual and drugs abuse among the other challenges that young people go through.


Community leaders were also in attendance to pledge their commitment and determination to support the needy children to acquire education. The Education Advisor to the President, Hon. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria and the Founder of TVT, Dr. Sarah Kilemi were also in attendance to congratulate the students who have joined the TVT programme and to encourage all students to work hard and achieve their dreams. More important the students were also reminded to be responsible individuals by refusing to engage in activities that do not contribute to their performance in school.

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The TVT management used the occasion to give solar lamps to the students who are in the last mile programme, where by standard 8 students from very humble background and are not able to afford electricity or kerosene oil for the lamps were issued with solar lumps to facilitate their studies. The solar lumps have the facility to charge mobile phones which would be beneficial to the entire family and not only the students.   In order to enable the TVT Outreach Coordinator to monitor school progress of the students, Dr. Sarah Kilemi promised to provide simple mobile phones for the girls who are from very needy families.

TVT Education mentorship day is an annual event organized by the TVT management to bring together present and past students who have gone through the TVT education programme to shares their experiences and exchange ideas on how to succeed in their schools and work places. In furtherance of education, TVT is soon opening book club to promote reading culture through competition during holidays as a way of keeping the youth out of trouble.

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