Participants at the Salgaa monitoring and Evaluation meeting, held in Salgaa on 25 January, 2014

The main focus of TVT is to empower women and youth to undertake income generating projects that are sustainable in order to uplift their standard of living and be financially stable. In addition TVT facilitates spiritual transformation among its beneficiaries by partnering with Churches and spiritual leaders. It is on this basis that TVT has been partnering with Nappanee Missionary Church to rehabilitate commercial sex workers of Salgaa by offering alternative means of earning a living. Since the inception of the TVT- NMC partnership, several steps have been undertakenwith the aim of improving the livelihood and economic status of the women of Salgaa, and in particular to free them from slavery of drugs and prostitution. Apart from training and equipping group members with different skills.The group, which comprises of 65 women and 3 men has been officially registered with the ministry of social services under the name of Bolesa self-help group. The main projects that the group has been involved in are: making of reusable sanitary towels, greenhouse farming, tailoring and renting of chairs for social events.NMC has been providing funding, which has enabled TVT to set up two main projects for the Salgaa group.
Marketing and future monitoring of the Salgaa Projects
It was also agreed to explore the possibility of assisting the Salgaa women to sell their produce through TVT website. TVT Outreach Coordinator, Mrs. Lucy Gichuru, also promised to be visiting the women frequently to monitor the projects progress so that if there are problems they can be solved on time. For the success and sustainability of the project it was agreed that ever body in the group should work hard and avoid suffering from dependency syndrome by generating their own income from their projects. Dr. Kilemi reemphasized the fact NMC, TVT and AGC will continue to empower them socially, economically and spiritually but they also have to do their bit.
Finally one of group members, Pastor Emily Koskei led the group in closing prayers and also thanked God for the miraculous healing of one of the partners, Dana Jacobs. It was a strong testimony that in God nothing is impossible.
Photos of some the Products of the Salgaa women group – Table mats and water jar covers and each cost $10. Proceeds go to individual women who have been embroidering them. Women request support in marketing them to enable them to earn a living. There are many designs but these are just a few.
Photo Gallery: Joint Monitoring And Evaluation Mission Of Salgaa Projects
Photogallery: 2014 Monitoring Mission to Salgaa: Mats

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