VillaChic Pads

Reusable sanitary products are being received with interest by women who are eager to save money,care for the environment, reduce waste and, care for their bodies. VillaChic® offers healthysubstitutes which minimize the quantity of chemicals/plastics etc. that our body comes into contact with.

VillaChic® Cloth Pads offers women the ability to choose an alternative to disposables for the type of sanitary products that they use. We offer handmade washable cloth sanitary pads.

VillaChic® Reusable Sanitary Pads are slim,comfortable, discreet, reliable, easy to use and wash.  Using only the finest of modern fabrics suitable for the purpose, they certainly won’t disappoint. They come in different styles and sizes to cater for the lightest to heaviest of periods. They are attractive, and come in a range of fun, stylish and colorful prints.

Why use VillaChic® pads

There has been anenormousincrease in popularity for reusable sanitary products as women become more conscious of the impact of disposable products from a, cost, health and environmentalpoint of view. TheVillaChic® padscost only KSH 300 for 5 pieces and will last for about 2 years depending on use.

The modern cloth pads are quite different from those of earlier generations.They are not difficult, smelly or yucky to use and maintain for,instead, they are comfy,efficient, slim,and even fun. In fact surprisingly, many women who use cloth pads tend to become extremely thrilled about them!

By using the VillaChic® pads, women have testifiedto a load of other benefits, e.g. they no longer suffer from cramps, general discomfort or have allergies, irritations, thrush etc. The other pleasing thing of course is that by procuring the VillaChic® pads you will be assistingsmall businesses run by women groups from various parts of the country, and many of us are passionateabout supporting our locals instead of big business.

Terms and Conditions

How to Order

Our on-line shopping system has been designed so that it is easy to follow and to use. An order can be sent via [email protected]. A Confirmation email is sent out automatically once an order has been received. We then maintain contact with you and let you know when payment has been received and, an order has been posted. Allow 2 – 4 days for this process. We work Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

How to Pay

You can either pay by Mpesa till number 945908, Pesa Pal, Paypal or by bank deposit. Please use your ID number or your name to identify your deposit.When your payment shows in our account the order will be sent out. We will keep you informed at all stages as to the status of your order and when it has been posted.


If you are not sure about anything or want to ask a question about any of our products feel free to send an email to us via the ‘contact us’ page


Delivery is charged at a flat rate of KSh200.00 per order within Kenya. We send by standard Post to keep costs down and orders will take 2-4 days to arrive. If you would like courier or other postage method then just let us know this in the comments box on the order form and we will adjust the pricing for you and resubmit the invoice to you for payment.

International Postage rates are charged accordingly.


We respect your discretion and our packaging is discreet and does not disclose the contents by any means.We respect the privacy of all customers and potential customers and do not give or sell any information about you to any third party for whatever reason.


Any faulty product will be exchanged free of charge or refunded in full within 30 days of purchase. However, kindly note that due to the personal, intimate nature of our products, for health and hygiene reasons we cannot accept exchanges once our products have been posted.  If you cancel and you have already paid for the goods, you will receive a full refund.


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