Efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 in our villages

The arrival of Corona virus has caused overwhelming fear in each one of us, with the entire world being thrown into a panic mode. The way the virus has been operating is a clear message to all of us that none of us is safe if our neighbor is not. Life has become hard for everybody and it is even harder for the poor, vulnerable and needy families in our communities who cannot afford to feed their families leave along adhering to the protective measures that Government has been put into place.

From the onset of this pandemic, TVT took a proactive decision to channel all efforts into fighting the spread of virus and supporting TVT families. TVT has been supplying food, water containers fitted with taps (since many have no piped water) and soap for washing hands. TVT education programme includes a feeding programme and supply of sanitary pads at the schools. With the schools closed and children now at home, it means that families have to double or even triple their food budgets. The young girls who were getting sanitary pads from school have now to rely on the families, who are already overburdened by other requirements.

In order to combat the spread of COVID 19 and the life threatening challenges our rural communities are in facing (as a result of joblessness, lack of food and hygiene, including sanitary pads), TVT has come up with a Covid 19 Family Relief Pack, comprising of the essentials needed to address the challenges caused by COVID 19 pandemic. The Pack consists of: face masks, food supplies, water containers fitted with taps, handwashing soap, sanitary pads and information bulletins.

TVT is therefore appealing to all partners and well-wishers to support supply of Covid 19 Family Relief Packs by donating funds or supplies though the following means:
Paybill no. 247247
Account. 1040294102222

Account Name: The Village Trust Fund
Bank Name: Equity Bank Ltd
Account no. 1040294103196
Address: Meru Makutano Branch,
P.O.Box 75104-00200, Nairobi
Swift code: EQBLKENA

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