COVID-19 : Message of Good Wishes, Encouragement and Solidarity

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Village Trust (TVT) is hereby sending a message of good wishes and solidarity to all her partners, donors, beneficiaries and indeed all stakeholders, whose normal way of lives has been affected by deadly Corona virus.

This global pandemic requires each one of us to be vigilant and to take action for our common survival. TVT has already taken measures to ensure that our staff and all those who use TVT resource centre are not exposed to unnecessary risks of contacting Corona virus.. Furthermore, TVT Management has been sharing information on how to prevent the spread of this deadly virus in line with the guidelines given by both WHO and Kenya ministry of health. The use of library and TVT training facility has been suspended for 30 days and thereafter further decision will be taken depending on the prevailing situation.

Meanwhile TVT will continue to create awareness and sensitize her clients, most of whom are not able to read or write, of the need to adhere to experts advice on how to prevet the spread of COVID-19 . Practicing social distancing might pose a major challenge to the majority of TVT clients, due to their living conditions but washing hands and maintaining hygiene environment would prioritised. Our collective existence is under threat but Together we will win this war

TVT Management

In addition to using the Centre to train her beneficiaries, TVT intends to target the entire community and empower both men and women with business development skills, basic book keeping skills, health and HIV awareness and available options of business diversification for the rural villages. TVT also intend to offer expert training and technical assistance to other development partners working in the field of poverty reduction.

Construction of the Women Resource Center

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