Core Values

At  TVT we are committed to working with everybody because we are convinced that it will take a community to develop the village through a consultative, integrated and holistic approach. TVT and her clients view obstacles as opportunities to be more creative and innovative.

 Collectively and individually we shall uphold the following core values:

  1. Financial Independence should not be reserved for only a few. We are committed to providing opportunities and financial independence. We believe that because an individual was born into poverty (or poverty is in their past), does not mean that poverty must be in their future. We believe in true empowerment and self reliance
  2. Professionalism to be embedded in all activities and operations. We cultivate responsibility, teaching each individual the benefit and importance of saving for a bright and independent future
  3. Appreciation of cultural and Gender diversity – Championing for gender just affirmative actions and protection and nurturance of environment
  4. Sense of purpose – Everybody should have a reason for living and feel useful to the  course of the  community
  5. Integrity – Ensuring that transparency and accountability  for all our actions is promoted in all our dealings
  6. Innovative thinkers (Out of the  box) –  looking for enabling options and Working towards empowering and all inclusive  of all the stake holders and fairness and equal opportunities to all our clients. We envision empowered communities in Africa being agents of development that is by the people, for the people and by being gender just and environmentally friendly
  7. Commitment – Upholding interest to be part of the challenges facing the poor and marginalized
  8. All inclusive program. Our doors are open to everybody whose determination is to make poverty a thing of the past.
  9. Courage to take risk and tough decisions: To bring hope to those in despair will require discipline to spend less on unhealthy habits and give more to charity.
  10. We aim to nurture. At Village fund we understand that financial freedom is not a destination but a journey. We will be there every step of the way regardless of how long the journey may take.  We believe in “The Dream”  that anything you desire is possible through hard work and faith. We are prisoners of hope for the hopeless.

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