The month of October is a busy month for all students of both primary and secondary schools as they all struggle to make their final preparations for the national exams, which are held in November.In support of needy schools with reading materials to enable them to be well prepared for the national exams, TVT and their South Korean Partner- Educator without Borders, provided books to a number of schools in Meru County, see the photo gallery for photos.
refOne of the schools that benefited from the TVT text book initiative is a poor primary school called Mukalamatu in Tigania East of Meru County.  In this day and era when we should be providing a suitable foundation for the nursery school children, the 5 and 6 years olds take their lessons under the tree.  Koongo Amukalamatu primary school, is in the arid region of Kenya where residents are pastoralists and small farmers. Insecurity is high as many are times the residents of Mukalamatu are attached by cattle rustlers. The area is dry and barren and as you will notice from the photos the school buildings are also pathetic. The children have no books and due to lack classrooms the nursery school children study under a tree.   The school has no assembly hall and therefore the meeting to deliver books was held under the same which provided the much needed shade. TVT took the opportunity to encourage the residents to support education of their children.
Although the school is in the arid areas it is not included in the list of schools which get hardship allowance. Therefore the responsibility of feeding children is left to well-wishers who contribute food and clothing for the children.  Being able to eat food at school is an incentive for children to remain in school and should be supported

The children, through a song, requested that for help to get a roofed shelter to shield them from wind, rains and sun in order for them to focus on reading the books given by TVT.

TVT has therefore initiated a campaign of seeking support from both individuals and organizations in form of materials, money, food and clothing and support construction of a classroom and purchase of water tank to harvest water when it rains.
To support the nursery school classroom initiative for Mukalamatu children use the TVT pay bill no. 830310 or TVT account number 1040294102222, Makutano Branch. For more information contact TVT CEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..