Tvt Delivers Books To More Needy School In Meru County

First term is a very busy term all students of both primary and secondary schools in trying to cope up with new year challenges in new classes. TVT and their South Korean Partner- Educator without Borders, provided books to a number of schools in Meru County. In continuance of the books donation TVT donated those books that were not donated last year after some schools closed before the delivery.  

One of the schools that benefited from the TVT text book initiative is a poor primary school called Ugoti primary of Igembe south in Meru County. This school is in the very interior part more than three hours drive from the main road. This means the school is in a pathetic state because it cannot access the facilities that are accessed  by  other schools. Even the Teachers keeps on looking for transfer because it’s not under hardship programme. TVT took the opportunity to encourage the Parents to support education of their children because it’s through education that their area will develop after these children coming back to give back to the community.


The meeting was conducted under a tree because the school has no meeting hall and the classes are too small to accommodate the crowd.


There was a girl in this school called Gacheri whose mother died while delivering in the house. She was the only one who was present and she watched her mother pass away helplessly. She was left with the baby and the father whose hands are disabled. She told us many are the days they sleep without food. She needs to finish school. To support this girl finish school use the TVT pay bill no. 830310 or TVT account number 1040294102222, Makutano Branch. For more information contact TVT CEO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TVT management and Dr Sarah Kilemi (TVT founder) is always in the front line in creation of awareness that Education is a right not a privilege.