TVT Annual Education Mentorship Day

April 22, 2017 was a Day which had a huge success. All the students under the sponsorship of both TVT and GinCo(Standard 8-Last mile girls) had the opportunity to share touching life experiences that students go through. The mentors were Former TVT supported Students who are now graduates in various fields and also experienced high school teachers. There were open discussions on matters concerning sexual and drugs abuse, Academic excellence, community service, self esteem and self confidence among other matters of concern among the young people.


Dr. Sarah Kilemi (TVT founder and the economic advisor) was also in attendance to congratulate the students who have joined the TVT programme and to encourage all students to work hard to make differences in their families and the community at large. Students were reminded to put more efforts in their academics more important on the subjects that are challenging like sciences for them to be innovators and employers unlike less challenging ones which are already flooded in the market.


The TVT management during the same day gave solar lamps, revision books, sanitary pads, soaps, jellies, uniforms ,paid school levies to the students who are in the last mile programme(TVT-GinCo Partinership) standard 8 students from very humble background Could not afford these essential items but with this support they will be able to concentrate well in their studies and eventually pass well in their KCPE exams. TVT Education mentorship day is an annual event organized by the TVT management to bring together present and past students who have gone through the TVT education programme to shares their experiences and exchange ideas on how to succeed in their schools and work places.