women receiving maize at the TVT grain bank

TVT women groups are reaping the benefits that come with a village grain bank. With the ongoing drought in Kenya, rural folks are hard hit with some of them going with no food for days. TVT has therefore opened the doors of her grain bank to villagers to collect grains on credit  with the agreement to return the borrowed quantity when they harvest their next crop.  The maize and beans that are in the grain house have been able to feed families of the  TVT women groups and enabled them to plant their farms. Thanks to the  donation of World Doctors of Italy, TVT  Grain Bank is now fully operational with adequate security, water and latrines for use by the women when they are come to deposit or withdraw their grains from the  bank.
The Grain  Bank is also open to non TVT members at a small administrative fee.  To know how to bank your beans, maize, rice, wheat, millet  or sorghum at the  TVT Grain Bank, send a short message to TVT.

If you would like to donate grains or any form of food to the local community or to any specific women group, contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.