Health Related problems of the rural Villages

Due to high poverty level, demand for free medical camps in Tigania has been on the rise.  Since 2008, TVT, in partnership with the local government and other development partners, has been organizing annual free medical camps in the district, which have gone a long way in complementing government’s efforts to address the health concerns of the region. The free medical camps have brought affordable healthcare, free health information to the community and enabled identification of the common healthy problems of the community. With the assistance of the Lion’s Club of Nairobi, over 90 local residents have had their eyes operated at the Lion’s eye hospital in Nairobi, to remove cataracts and correct other disorders. Many other partners have contributed to the success of the medical camps as listed under the note of appreciation to supporters.


Up to now, medical camps have been organized once a year for the entire Tigania region. Due to the high quality services provided to the patients and the friendliness of the volunteers, the numbers of the seekers of the medical services have continued to increase; thereby causing overcrowding that could be a security threat as was witnessed in the last medical camp. TVT, therefore, plans to organize future medical camps per location in order to target on a smaller crowd. Having a number of mini camps in a year and in different locations will also ensure that everybody has a good chance of being attended to. The last free medical was held on 9th of October, 2010 for the nomadic families of the arid region of the Tigania west. The next free medical camp will be in Kibuline Primary school. Mbeu Ward on 28 May, 2011.  TVT calls for supporters to come out in the usual big way in order to serve the sick and needy within our communities.


Target Number of Beneficiaries


The first medical camp took place in May 2008 and attracted about 5,000 patients. The second one took place in May 2009 where over 10,000 patients were attended to. The 2010 medical camp that took place in May 2010 provided medical services to over 13, 000 patients. In addition to the medical attention given to the patients, mothers with children under 5 years were given blankets, mosquito nets and those with babies under three months old were given new babies supplies. Food stuff, in form of maize flour was distributed to the sick and others with either small children or pregnant. The elderly were also given mosquito nets and blankets.




Note of Appreciation to Supporters of the Medical Camp


With the high cost of healthcare, effective medicine and food, the intervention of all partners and supporters has continued to make a real difference in the lives of the local people. On behalf of the people of Tigania, TVT would like to express special appreciation to the following partners who have continued to support this important yearly event:


  • Action in Focus for generously providing essential medicines, medical equipment, volunteers and 984 kg of maize flour. Volunteers of Action in Focus started work at 6 am and ended at 7 pm with no break at all. Their dedication and commitment to serve the poor was much appreciated. Action in Focus has already committed to support the forthcoming free medical camp for the nomadic families on the 9th of October, 2010 with medical supplies and volunteers. TVT invites other supporters and well wishers to generously render their usual support, in form of medical supplies, logistics and volunteerism.
  • Lions Club of Nairobi and the lion’s eye hospital provided personnel and medical supplies. They also provided reading glasses at subsidized prices. Furthermore, as in the previous years, Lions Club eye hospitalhave operated over 90 eye patients to remove cataracts and other eye disorders in the last three years.
  • Madawa Pharmaceuticals and Mater Hospital provided medical supplies for the medical camp. Without their support, it would not have been possible to serve the large number of patients who turned up.
  • Chandaria Foundation, National Bank, Equity bank, Silver Spread, Tigania West Constituency and Muku foundation supported with the organization and logistics of the medical camp.
  • Charities of the Later Day Saints in Kenya have supported the medical camp initiative since its inception. They have been providing blankets, new baby supplies and wheelchairs for the physically challenged. Charities of LDS have also been supporting education in the district through the supply of books for both primary and secondary schools.
  • Association of People with Disabilities in Kenya supported with wheel chairs, shoes and other fittings for persons with disabilities.
  • Ministry of Public Health has continued to support the free medical camp with personnel, mosquito nets and medical supplies.
  • All medical camps would not have been successful without the support of Medicalpersonnel ofMiathene DistrictHospital who have been coordinating all the operations of the medical camps.
  • Medical staff of Meru General Hospital, Maua, Mbeu, Thau, Mutionjuri, Limoro and all heath centers of Tigania West, including individual health practitioners. They have been the backbone of the success recorded in this medical initiative. They came out in large number to render services to the sick and they have always been there to ensure that all medical camps were successful.


To all the partners and supporters, TVT and M.P for Tigania West, Hon. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria, would like to say a big thank you for your being part of the solution to healthy problems in Tigania and your continued support to rural development activities. The community appreciates your concern and we look forward to continued collaboration.




Requirements for the next medical camp scheduled for May 2010Drugs
De worming agents
Anti malaria
Cough syrups
Anti histamines
Antiepileptic treatment
VCT kits
Local applications
Eye ointments


Surgical supplies;
Rubber gloves- sterile and non-sterile
Wound dressing gauze
Cotton wool
Sterile surgical packs
Syringes, 20 cc, 10 cc, 5 cc, 2 cc
Needles G 18, 21, 22, 24
Disposable dressing packs


Other supplies
Tents and chairs
Stationary for clinical recording
Vital signs monitoring equipment
Medical equipment, stethoscope, torches, ophthalmoscope etc.
Reading glasses
Refreshment for volunteers
Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets and blankets
Wheel chairs
Baby clothes from age zero to five years old.


Doctors , dentists, clinical officers and nurses
Medical students
Clerical staff
Administrative and security personnel


Transportation of volunteers and medical students and other medical practitioners from the city center to Meru.