No relenting on fight against poverty and illiteracy

Dr. Sarah Kilemi, the   Pro bono Economic advisor to TVT, was joined by Dan Jacobs, from Nappanee Missionary Church , TVT officials and women of Salgaa women group in Nakuru, Kenya to recommit efforts to deal with cases of poverty and illiteracy in the community. Dr. Sarah Kilemi reminded members of Salgaa women group that challenges will always crop in when we are about to achieve a major breakthrough but she encouraged the women not lose hope and instead to always be ready to embrace challenges and think out of the box. She cautioned women against being too much dependent on outside help because when that help is no longer forthcoming, their projects will not survive. The women are determined to make a difference in their lives and that of their families. They reported that marketing of their products has been a challenge and to overcome this challenge they have decided to go digital in their campaigns to market their products.

Availing their products to the world through the  TVT website is one of the strategies the Salgaa women group have adopted in 2014. They have asked TVT to post some of their products on the website in order to enable them to reach out to a wide range of clients, partners and supporters.

Women complain of high  illiteracy rate especially among the young girls who drop out school for various reasons. In 2014 TVT will intensify production of reusable sanitary pads through the women groups  for distribution to the  remote parts of Kenya, where access to sanitary pads is an impendent for  girls’ education.  A project  to promote the  culture of reading among the  young is also one of those planned for  2014. Study has shown that many children are able to speak English and Kiswahili but they cannot read or write well. The TVT books Club project is aimed at addressing this challenge.  Salgaa women group have also planned on improving on their greenhouse farming and tailoring business. Mr. Jacobs from NMC, on his side pledged support from the Church in order to ensure that the women empowerment projects of TVT are indeed self sustainable.

TVT management is appreciative of all the partners who have been supporting the education of orphans and needy kids, production of reusable sanitary pads, construction of resource center, grain bank initiate, greenhouse farming and all other projects being undertaken by TVT supported women groups. Challenges are far from over and your partnership is needed now more than ever before in order to ensure sustainability of the TVT community empowerment projects. 

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