Charuru 2013 Free Medical Camp - A Joyful Day for the People with Disabilities

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A Joyful Day for the People with Disabilities

19th October 2013 was indeed a very special day for TVT and the people it serves, especially those with disability. Not only did TVT organize a very successful 7th annual free medical camp in Tigania East, but it was a day when over 50 persons with disability were issued with their appliances. TVT had double successful events.

Association of the people with disabilities of Kenya (APDK) has been partnering with TVT for more than 5 years in addressing the needs of people with disability. At every medical camp, APDK brings over 7 specialists who examine and advice people with disability on what they need. They take measurements of the appliances they need and ensure that they are produced to fit in accordance with the individual specifications.

This year was particularly difficult in terms of financing the appliances of over 50 persons with disability but thankfully, Mr. Peter Kariuki of APDK Embu managed to secure funding after a long time. Those who had their measurements taken had waited for close to a year and had almost given up and this is why when TVT contacted each one of them to come and fit their appliances, they were indeed happy.

TVT officials were overwhelmed as they had to cater for two events in different locations but the happiness of the beneficiaries of the appliances gave them every reason to work even harder. Beneficiaries came from the entire county and started congregating at the TVT offices as early as 9 am. They were brought on bikes, bodabodas, matatus and on backs of their relatives. On arrival they got a warm welcome from TVT officials.

APDK officials were all ready to assist with fitting of their appliances. They also showed them how to take care of them. They got special shoes, walking canes wheelchairs, tricycles, clutches and many other types of appliances which has been measured during the previous medical camp.

While some officials of APDK were fitting the appliances others were at the medical camp attending to the needs of many more people with disabilities who turned up in large numbers at the Charuru medical camp. The medical camps do not provide opportunities for appliances only but they also enable APDK officials create awareness on how to take care of the people with disabilities and encourage those with relatives with any form of disability to seek assistance instead of hiding them in the villages.

Since TVT started educating rural people on how to care for people with disabilities and providing them with appliances to make them self reliant, awareness has increased and many cases of people with disabilities who were being locked in houses are now being brought to out the attention of the specialist. On this particular day TVT compound was awash with happy beneficiaries of all sorts of appliances. Some were even receiving multiple appliances.

A lady who got a wheelchair, boots and calipers could not hide her joy and all she could say amid tears was to wish The Village Trust long life to be able to touch the lives of many more people with disability. She said that she was not only physically empowered but also socially and economically because she will now be able to attend to her daily duties with less stress and without being a bother to other people.

Measurements have been taken for many more persons with disability. However production of these appliances will not commence until TVT is able to raise money for production. If you would like to support TVT project of empowering people with disability, use the link below.

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