Charuru 2013 Free Medical Camp - Challenges encountered

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Challenges encountered

TVT has been organizing annual free medical camps in various locations within the county for the last 5 years and as such lessons are constantly being drawn from each one of them.For this particular medical camp, there was a great challenge in acquiring sufficient financial aid.

TVT relies on the support of individuals and corporate companies for support to cover food allowance for medical practitioners and support staff, to provide accommodations & Food, transportation for volunteers from Meru, Embu and Nairobi, purchase of Stationary and drugs and facilitate travel of the patients who are referred for further treatment.

TVT has continued to be concerned with the welfare of People With Disabilities (PWDs) and has assisted over 1000 to acquire different types of appliances and support. During the Charuru medical camp over 50 persons received their appliances ranging from tricycles to clutches and walking canes. Measurements were taken for over 100 PWDs.However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get donors willing to pay for full costs of appliances for PWDs.

All are putting the condition that there be client contribution of between 30-50%. However, given the poverty level of the people who come for free medical camps, it is very clear that they would not be able to raise 30% of the cost of the appliances. Thus TVT will continue to count on support of partners and supporters to raise funds required for the production and fabrication of the appliances measured during the Charuru medical camp.

To know how to support acquisition of appliances and mobility aids for the PWDs of Charuru medical camp, please contact TVT. Your support will enable PWDs to acquire special shoes and boots, elbow and auxiliary clutches, leg support braces, tricycles, wheelchairs, kafos and walking cane.

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