Charuru 2013 Free Medical Camp - Appreciation to Sponsors and Partners

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Appreciation to Sponsors and Partners

With the increasing cost of living and especially healthcare, it is going to be even harder for the common people to afford effective medicine and food. Thus there is need for all stakeholders from the private, public and individuals to forge a strong alliance aimed at improving the social amenities in the country. Their intervention will complement the efforts of government and will indeed make a real difference in the lives of those from humble backgrounds.

The success of the Charuru medical camp would not have been realized without the support of all partners, local authorities and the Tigania East community at large.Some of the sponsors, supporters and partners are as follows:

  1. Action in Focus and Family Care Mission has been involved in the last five medical camps organized by TVT.Action in Focus is a committed partner who not only provides medicine but even food stuff. This time they also mobilized donation of the sanitary napkins.
  2. Association of People with Disabilities in Kenya (APDK) has been a partner of TVT in all the previous medical camps. They have continued to support with wheelchairs, tricycles,special shoes/boots, walking cane, clutches and other fittings for persons with disabilities. They provide advice on how to take care of the people with disabilities and continue to offer free consultations in even after the medical camp.APDK facilities further treatment of cases that are not addressed during the medical camp by referring to either Embu or Meru for more specialized treatment.
  3. APHIA PLUS who played a key role in cancer screening. They also provided family planning counseling to the women who turned out for the camp.
  4. Medical personnel of Muthara District Hospital, which is also the referral hospital in the constituency, played a key role by coordinating operations of the medical practitioners and also offered to follow up on cases that are identified at the medical camp.
  5. Charuru Primary School. The head teacher, Deputyhead teacher, students and all officials of Charuru Primary school supported in preparing consultations rooms, moving medical supplies, assisting the elderly to locate rooms for various services.
  6. Individualhealth professionals such as, General practitioners, Clinical officers, Lab technicians, Pharmacists, and Specialist doctors all turned up to provide free services to the community and theycontributed to thesuccess of themedical camp.

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