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About the 2013Charuru Free Medical Camp

The main objective of this particular camp, and indeed of all the medical camps organized by TVT, was to bring affordable healthcare and free health information to the community and identify the common healthy problems of the community in order to devise ways of addressing them, in partnership with District Medical Authorities.

Specifically, the medical camp sought to: Provide VCT services to the community which is quite remote and lacking in terms of access to adequate and affordable health services. The medical camp provided both preventive and curative treatment for common health conditions in the community. Charuru is a very cold area and therefore most health complications are those related to cold, with arthritis being the most common type of health complaint. Severe health cases requiring specialized treatment were referred to the relevant centers.

The medical camp created awareness and provided counseling on HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, breast cancer and other ailments. It also provided an opportunity to create awareness on the need for personal hygiene in prevention of serious disabling diseases such as arthritis, which are prevalent in the area due to the cold weather conditions. The free medical camp also aimed at encouraging use of available nutritious food products in the area; and discouraging drug/substance abuse among the community members.

Furthermore the medical camp provided opportunities to both medical and non medical personnel to give back to the community by way of volunteering their time, energy and expertise. Over 60 men and women set aside their personal engagements and spent the whole day serving the needy in various capacities and it is because of the input of everybody who came out to help that the medical camp was a success.

Patients and people with disabilities starting arriving at the venue at 7 am to ensure that they were the first in the queue and by 5 pm everybody had been attended to. TVT, through the support of various partners, acknowledged herein, oversaw the provision of various medical related services to over1,853patients. The success of the medical camp was attributed to the high quality services and medicines provided by the medical practitioners and the efficient organization provided by TVT staff, volunteers and all other partners.

Action in Focus and Family Care Mission, under the leadership of Martin McNally and Iris Richard, provided medicines enough to cover most of the patients. Mr. Martin Mworia, coordinated mobilization of donations from private pharmaceutical companies inMeru County, which made it possible to serve all those who attended.

APHIA Plus Kamili provided Reproductive health services, family planning and breast and cervical cancer screening services. This is the second time TVT has provided facilities for cancer in women during the medical camp. This being the monthof creating awareness on cancer illness, the timing of the medical could have been better.

The line of women who were keen to know their status as concerning cervical cancer was so long until it arouses the curiosity of men who wanted to know what was happening in the screening room and after they were explained they also requested that screening for prostate cancer should be provided in the next medical camp.

A unique introduction into this year’s medical camp is the two hour counseling session of both primary and secondary school girls of 13 years and above. Dr. Sarah Kilemi and Ms. Iris Richard conducted the counseling session for school girls before giving them sanitary pads. The session with the girls was very educative as each one of them got a chance to ask questions on reproductive health and how to take care of themselves to avoid getting either unwanted pregnancies or infected with HIV/AIDS.

Very lively discussions were held on how to report cases of sexual abuse and molestation especially by relatives and teachers. The girls wanted to have more time which was a clear indication of the need to slot in the programme a counseling session with young girls in all future medical camps. A total of 1,760 sanitary pads were distributed and each of the present 98 girls went home with a packet of sanitary pads each enough to last 8 months.

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