Last Mile Support For Needy Girls

TVT and GinCo have continued to partner in support of orphans and needy girls who are in their final year of primary school. The support referred to as the “last mile” is aimed at ensuring that the girls are able to adequately prepare for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).  In 2016 TVT in collaboration with GinCo and individual well wishes has supported 14 girls who will be sitting for their KCPE at the end of the year.  The14 girls have been provided with books, uniforms, school fees, shoes and solar lumps. TVT officials pay them regular visits and provides counselling. These 14 girls are just a fraction of the needy girls in the list of those requiring support. Many more are in the same condition and unfortunately they will not be able to sit for their exams due to poverty level.


Majority of the girls being supported by TVT are total orphans who survive by tilling land and doing other manual labour for neighbours in exchange for daily meals. The currently collaboration with GinCo does not support girls in secondary schools but consultations are underway to come up with a sustainable approach of supporting those who excel in their KCPE.

In addition to GinCo, TVT is also partnering with International Centre for Earth Concerns to support needy girls in Secondary schools and university. 6 girls are currently in different classes in national and regional secondary schools and three have already graduated from University.  International Earth Concerns has been partnering with TVT to support needy girls since 2007 and this partnership has produced University graduates who have become mentors of the young girls currently in primary and secondary school.

If you would like to be involved in supporting a needy girl in the final mile or in secondary school, contact TVT for guidance. Support can be either monetary or in-kind.

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TVT-GinCo( 2016)Supported girls At TVT offices for mentorship programme.

Apart from paying fees, uniforms, books GinCo-TVT partnership carries mentorship programmes to get to know other challenges facing girls at home and also at school for example outdated traditions like FGM(Female Genital Mutilation). TVT also carries girls/guardians meetings regularly to monitor and evaluate their progress both at school and at home.

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Girls/Guardians meeting at TVT offices