Implementation of TVT 2015 Projects

TVT has commenced implementation of her projects of 2015 with a renewed resolve to fight poverty, diseases and ignorance by linking up with other development partners with similar mandates.  TVT’s education programme which targets mainly girls, who have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other very needy bright children, has given hope to many families who would never have been able to send their children to school. The education programme has continued to benefit from the generosity of International Centre for Earth Concerns, Educators without Borders (EWB) Bethel University, Franz Von Game and many individuals who have come out in large numbers to support a child with either schools fees, uniform, books, food or mentorship. Sponsors of the TVT Education Programme have continued to build a lasting relationship with the children they support through constant exchanges either directly or through TVT.

Empowering women and Youth continues to be the main focus of TVT and the year 2015 has started off well. A community grain bank has been completed through the support of World Doctors of Italy and local authority. Women have already started realising the benefits of having a Grain Bank in the village.  As the draught continues to bit, local communities are the most affected with many having no food or seeds for planting. The TVT grain bank has therefore started giving out seeds such beans and maize to women on credit to enable them to plant during the coming rainy season. Those who have taken seeds on credit have signed an agreement to repay when they harvest their crops. The Grain Bank is also open to the entire community, schools and business people who would like to save their grains in order to benefit from better prizes in future. For more information on how to bank your extra grains with TVT Grain Bank, contact TVT via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Construction of a women training house continues to be another main focus in the New Year with the hope of having it completed by end of the year.  Currently TVT conducts training and capacity building activities in open fields, under trees, churches and schools due to the high cost of organising such activities in hotels or other commercial settings.  Completion of the  women training house will not only enable women to have a training venue but it will also enable the  local communities to have  meeting place for civic education at a small administrative fee. Furthermore TVT women house will be used as library, reference or study centre for school children during holidays. Appeal for donation of both old and used books (inspiration, fictions) has been sent out. Many supporters have donated old books and more donations are expected as the year progresses. Establishment of a reading club for students and pupils in the villages around the women training centre is also underway. Training on the making of reusable sanitary pads will continue to be offered at the TVT women training house, once it is completed.

Rural schools in Kenya face many challenges ranging from poor infrastructure to lack of adequate trained teachers. Even though primary education in Kenya is free, parents are often required to buy books for their children. TVT has therefore extended her national and international networks by partnering with The Educators without Borders (EWB) of South Korea and Text Book Centre to support education in the rural schools through provision of text books for all subjects. EWB and TVT are also supporting students through guidance and counselling   programmes.  Since last year TVT has support nine schools in Kenya with text books; two primary schools and six secondary schools. Apart from four schools, all the others are day schools which are even more disadvantaged when it comes to educational facilities.  The following schools have benefited from text book donations by TVT, Laciathuriu Day Secondary School, Athwana Secondary School, Athambu Day Secondary School,  Kailutha Day Secondary School, Urru Day Secondary School,   Manthi Primary School, Yururu Primary School, Uringu Girls Secondary School and Kiamuri Secondary school.  Photos taken during the  handover of  books in these schools are  available in the  TVT photo gallery.

Arrangements are underway to support students who perform well from the rural schools to further their studies in Korean Universities as a way of exposing them to global competition by exposing them to other international education systems. Students  under TVT supported schools have promised to be more committed to their studies now that there is hope for a scholarship to study abroad.

Urru Day Secondary School.  Even though the  handover ceremony took place later than anticipated, teachers and students patiently  waited and they were very excited to  receive the  TVT and EWB teams. The speeches from students and teachers gave TVT an extra dose of inspiration to search for more partners in order to support more needy schools. 

Laciathuriu Day Secondary Schools.   This is one of the schools located in the most arid part of Meru County.  Just like in most schools,  students in Laciathuriu travel  up to  4 hours  each way on foot to reach to school. By the time they reach school they are so tired and exhausted to retain much of what they  learn. This  coupled with lack of text books, makes it very difficult for such  students to do well in the national examinations.  This  school is one of the poorest due to lack of water  and other facilities.

Athambu Day Secondary Schools: Among the schools provided with text book by TVT, this is the school that performs better than others in the final examination. An exchange programme with institutes of higher learning  in other countries would be a motivating factor.

Athwana Secondary School:  Students in this school are very creative going by the  way they quickly organised themselves to compose a song to welcome the  guests they had not anticipated to arrive. Children in this school study under very difficult circumstances due to the poverty level of the location where the  school is situated.

Manthi Primary School:  Pupils in this  school and eager to make a difference in their lives and those of their family members and they were inspired by the presence of the  young Korean students. At the end of the  visit one of the  small children about 6 years old proclaimed that she wanted to  study heard and visits one of the  team members from Korea.

Kailutha Day  secondary school.  The school is next to a primary school and due to lack of facilities the secondary school teachers use the  staff room of the  primary school. They also share other facilities with primary school pupils. Students in this  school have the desire to learn and but the facilities are very lacking. Donation of books  by TVT raised the morale of the  students and gave them hope of being able to benefit from the  TVT-EWB exchange programme. One of the  TVT sponsored girl is a student in this school.

Yururu Primary school.  This is a school located in a compounded with five different leaning institutions but still lacking in terms of facilities. The donation of books created new awareness and inspiration for students to work hard.

Kiamuri Secondary School: This is  a school in the middle of what one would call wilderness. It takes more than one hour to drive from the main road to the  school through a rough dusty road that becomes impassable when it rains. This has not dampened the  desire of the  students of Kiamuri to excel in their studies. Students do their studies under the  tree due to lack of a library. Despite lack of adequate teachers and facilities, students are determined to study hard and get their families out of poverty. The donation of text  books by TVT a real source of inspiration. The representative of the  parent association was clear in reminding students that they no longer have any reason for not performing well in the national examinations. One of the  TVT sponsored orphan is a student in this  school.

Uringu Girls Secondary School: This is an all-girls secondary school basically with no facilities at all. Students have no decent eating place or dormitory. The office of the  Principal doubles as the staff room and library.  During the speeches, students appreciated receiving the  text books but they  were concerned that they  have no library to stock them. The school was selected for support due to persistent poor performance in the national exams.  TVT and EWB made a pledge to support anybody with C+ and above to secure scholarship to study in foreign institutions as a way of motivating students and teachers to work harder. The students require regular visits by motivational speakers and Dir. Sarah Kilemi of TVT took it upon herself to support in this area.