Mission Statement and Motto

Mission Statement

To empower village groups, especially  women and youth, to combat poverty, disease, illiteracy and ignorance  through income generating  activities, education, training and social mobilization for a brighter common future.


TVT’s motto is A Common Brighter Future is in our Hands”. Through the goodwill of our many supporters and partners, over 72 women  and 15 youth groups have been able to reap the benefits  of TVT’s  motto.  Many projects have been initiated  for the benefit of  the  communities where TVT has operations, such as: community water projects, greenhouse farming, production of reusable sanitary pads, construction of community grain bank, training and capacity building, good governance, education for needy children and orphans, rehabilitation of ex-commercial sex workers, offering of free medical camps, environmental protection, campaigns and education against  female genital mutilation practices, and many more initiatives aimed at poverty eradication. Through coaching, teaching and mentoring of individuals within the groups, TVT has contributed to increased self confidence and esteem among the beneficiaries. Women and youth are articulating their views and rights as they work towards acquiring financial independence and lifting themselves out of poverty. For more information on the TVT projects, go to our project page.