2018 Women's Day

As we celebrate this year’s International women’s day, TVT wishes to congratulate all people of good will who have sacrificed their time, efforts and money to empower awomen. Tremendous progress has been made but much more needs to be done especially to the rural women and girls. TVT has a number of initiatives for empowering rural women, girls and youth with a view to giving them a voice, independence and hope of a better tomorrow.
womens day
TVT Grain Bank continue to provide not only safety for the farm produce but a higher return on their grains. Women are able to save their grains in the TVT grain bank, borrow loan using their grains and sell their grains when the prices are favorable to repay the TVT Sacco loan. This has not only empowered women to know the power of saving but it has made them realize that any resource at their disposal is a good as money.

womens day2

Women preparing the beans in the TVT grain bank. 

womens day3

Women preparing and weighing the grains ready for storage. TVT gives them advance against the grains they store as they await the prices to get better.


Education continues to be a key focus for TVT and therefore though the support of our donors and partners, TVT has continued to support education of needy girls. It is the responsibility of TVT outreach Coordinator to visit all supported students in their schools and follow up on their performance. The TVT Outreach Coordinator visiting TVT supported girls at Karima girls secondary school. TVT girls are exceling in their academics which is a sure way of giving them a bright future.

womens day4

TVT SACCO (community cooperative movement)

Membership to TVT SACCO has continued to increase as more women and men join the Sacco and are able to access loans at an interest 0.8% per month.

womens day5

TVT Youth Mentorship Programme

TVT continues to use the TVT resource and training house as the centre for mentoring young people and training them other skills using the local role models. The next mentoring seminar is on the 16th of March, 2018 at the TVT house for girls in class 7 and 8 and in April 2018, TVT will have another mentoring seminar for secondary and university students who are under TVT sponsorship as a way of sharing experiences and lessons learnt.

All this would not be possible had it not been for the support of all those who have worked with TVT. The community expects too much from TVT including supporting of the boy child who are now kind of neglected but this can only be possible through your generous support. It is important to note the TVT library services are assisting both boys and girls who can not afford books in school and the feedback is very positive.

Once again TVT wishes all the women a happy international women’s day with the message that unity is the strength for women. A dream of a woman is as valid as the dream of any other person and therefore the future looks bright as far as we continue to work with a purpose to make a positive difference in our lives and that of our families.