TVT partners with Ginco Germany to create forests in the deserts
The need to preserve our environment is as important as the need to fight illiteracy and poverty. TVT has been in the forefront in promoting education among the poor families and empowering women and youth to live descent lives.
As the year 2018 comes to an end, TVT has been having consultative meetings with supporters and partners to review impact of the joint interventions aimed at women and youth empowerment
Report of the Free Community Medical Camp (Meru County; August 11, 2018)
TVT organized a free medical camp in Meru County on August 11, 2018. The broad aims of the medical camp were to make quality health care available for free to the poorest of the poor in a rural Kenya community
TVT Donates books and sanitary pads to a poor schoolin Meru County
25th May, 2018 is a day which will stay in the memories of the pupils, parents and teachers of Kiremu primary school for a long time. The community was truly grateful to TVT for their concern of the education of their children. TVT donated text books for classes 1-8 and sanitary pads for all the girls in the school to last for 5 months.
Holiday mentorship Seminar popular with students
TVT organises holiday mentorship seminar for the students sponsored by various donors as a way of enabling students to learn from their role.models and more important exchange on their challenges...
Greening our villages and schools
The tree planting exercise was very successful and exiting to the pupils, teachers, parents and the TVT staff who participated in the exercise.
2018 Women's Day
As we celebrate this year’s International women’s day, TVT wishes to congratulate all people of good will who have sacrificed their time, efforts and money to empower awomen.
Education is a right for all and not a Privilege of a few
TVT Library services are located the TVT Training Centre. The Centre houses offices of the TVT, tailoring school and community grain bank.

Books Donation

With the ongoing drought in some parts of Meru County, TVT has extended its services to schools in order to address the problem of absenteeism. Giving even the best of books on empty stomach would be an effort in futility. Thus in addition to donating books the management of TVT led by Dr. Sarah Kilemi, included donation of food to the schools that are badly affected by draught. In the photo, TVT with Educators without Borders (EWS) from South Korea are seen donating food to students of Mukalamatu Primary School in Tigania East, Meru County.


Prof. Korbi and Prof. Kol Sun are seen handing over the text books to head Teacher of Mukalamatu Mr. Muriki while Dr.. Sarah Kilemi,  Econimic Advisor and Founder of TVT looks on.